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Disinfecting Bathroom

Why Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Is Important

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a clean workspace.  Whether your workspace routinely handles clients and customers or is dedicated solely to your employees and suppliers, keeping a clean workspace benefits your reputation as a business.  Clients are reluctant to do business with obviously dirty businesses and this has only become truer since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.   If your workspace looks dirty, you are going to lose business.  Perhaps more importantly, if your workspace is dirty and is not disinfected, you greatly increase the risk of spreading disease in the workplace.  Right now, most concerns are concentrating on the coronavirus, but the reality is that cold and flu germs in the workplace can also have a detrimental impact on employee health and client health.  

Of course, keeping your workspace clean can seem like a full-time job.  This is especially true if you work in a field that creates a lot of mess or dirt, if you have frequent customers transmitting germs in high-touch areas, or if you offer goods or services that require higher levels of sanitation.  Monita Janitorial can provide you with the high-level of cleanliness you and your customers want in a workspace at surprisingly affordable pricing.  

We can tailor our commercial cleaning and disinfecting services to the needs of your business and can handle businesses of any size.  Some common services requested by our commercial customers include routine cleaning such as dusting, trash removal, vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Additional services that can be included on a one-time or regular basis include deep cleaning carpets, waxing and buffing floors, cleaning grout, and cleaning windows.  

While disinfecting, including cleaning of high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and light fixtures, can be include in routine maintenance services, many of our customers want higher levels of disinfection to deal with the risk of the pandemic.  We can offer floor-to-ceiling disinfection services by using electrostatic sprayers and foggers to disinfect your workspace.  These electrostatic sprayers do more than traditional sprayers to apply disinfectant to targeted surfaces.  The electrostatic sprayers create a positive charge in the disinfectant, which is attracted to negative charges on surfaces.  The result is that hard nonporous surfaces get more thoroughly coated, resulting in greater disinfection.  It is an EPA approved way to quickly disinfect large indoor spaces and is a great way to keep workspace safer for employees and customers.