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Floor Waxing Services

Make Your Commercial Floors Shine Like New

Ask about our floor waxing services in Freehold, NJ, and surrounding areas.

Floors Like New

You might have a coat of wax on your tile floors already, but are you sure it’s in good condition? Over time, floor wax degrades and starts harboring dirt brought in by foot traffic.

To make sure dirt doesn’t stick to your floors, turn to Monita Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning. We offer a variety of tile floor cleaning services, including floor waxing services, in the Freehold, NJ area. Our experienced cleaning specialists can add a fresh coat of wax to your floors in no time.

Call 732-607-4000 today to learn more about our tile floor cleaning services. Schedule an appointment with us at your convenience.

Protected Finish

Count on us to apply a smooth coat of wax to your floors

Monita Janitorial Service & office cleaning can keep your floors clean and waxed year-round. You can count on us to:

  • Strip the old wax off of your floors
  • Clean away any remaining wax with a machine scrub
  • Reapply wax evenly across the surface
  • Buff out any imperfections

Contact Monita Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning now to make your tile floors in Freehold, NJ look immaculate. You can schedule our floor waxing services on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual basis.

Floor Waxing Service in NJ