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What Should You Pay For Housecleaning Services?

What Should You Pay for Housecleaning Services?

One of the questions that people ask us is how much they should pay for housecleaning services. That can be a difficult question to answer, because different people have different ideas of what a housecleaning service involves. To determine whether or not you are paying the right price, it is important to look at several factors.

What type of service do you need? Are you looking for disinfecting services Freehold New Jersey, Sanitizing Services Freehold NJ, or just for basic housecleaning? Knowing what service you need makes it much easier to compare quotes from multiple providers. It is also important to compare local costs instead of looking at nationwide costs because different areas are more and less expensive. The national average for housecleaning is $168, but the local average is higher.

How big is the house? That is one of the first questions someone should ask you before giving you a quote for housekeeping. However, it is not the only question they should ask. You can measure a home in square footage and in the number of rooms. In addition, some rooms (bathrooms and kitchens) are more labor-intensive than other rooms. Generally, the larger your home is, the more you can expect to pay for housekeeping services.

When do you want housekeeping? Most people who get regular housekeeping services have cleaners come in during the week during regular working hours. However, if you need after-hours services or for someone to clean on the weekends, you may pay a premium for that service.

What type of service do you need? Are you looking for spring cleaning? Monthly service? Weekly service? Usually, a deep clean costs more than other services, and regular weekly cleaning services will be less expensive per week than a monthly service would be.

What do you want the housekeeper to do? Housekeepers can do everything from routine cleaning to everyday tasks. Do you expect the housekeeper to do laundry, wash sheets, wash linens, and clean dishes? Will they be responsible for tidying or just for cleaning? Do they need to sanitize? The more things that the housekeeper does, the more you can expect to pay for your services.

The best way to find out what housekeeping will cost is to call and get quotes. You want to call at least three services, so that you can decide if you are getting fair quotes for housekeeping services. At Monita Janitorial, we are happy to quote you for housekeeping.