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Disinfecting Your Home

Disinfecting Your Home

At the start of the pandemic, it seemed like we might be able to wait out Covid-19. Now, we know that simply is not true. Not only is Covid-19 still with us, but with developing variants it seems like it is here to stay. While it may not be possible to live in lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19, there are still some steps you can take to help avoid the transmission of coronavirus.

Cleaning is not enough after someone in your home has had Covid-19. You need to sanitize and disinfect. You can tackle that as a DIY project, but sanitizing can be very labor intensive. That is why many people hire housekeepers to help them with disinfecting. Monita Janitorial offers disinfecting services Freehold New Jersey.

To understand what you need to do to help prevent the spread of viruses, it is important to understand how viruses work. Viruses are unique in that they are not alive outside of their hosts. They can survive for some time on surfaces, but they die unless they have a host. So sanitizing services Freehold NJ can take several steps to help reduce the number of viable viruses on home surfaces.

The first thing steps is cleaning surfaces. When you clean surfaces, you get rid of visible dirt. While cleaning does not actually kill any germs, it is an essential step for disinfecting services Freehold New Jersey. That is because cleaning can reduce the number of germs on a surface.

Next, you want to disinfect or sanitize those surfaces. Ideally, when you have someone with Covid-19 in your household, you want to separate that person from the rest of the household. Once they stop testing positive, it would be fantastic to separate the “sick room” from the rest of the house and let it sit for up to a week. In that time period, most viruses will naturally die. However, most of us need to use our homes.

The problem is cleaning without risking spreading the disease. Disinfecting services Freehold NJ can use EPA approved chemicals to help disinfect surfaces. The trained cleaners at Monita Janitorial use several cautionary steps to keep from spreading COVID-19 from outside of the sick room. Our cleaners use masks, gloves, and other PPE to reduce the likelihood of spreading disease. That means that they can clean your sick room sand get your home back after Covid-19.