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What Goes Into Building Maintenance And Why It’s Important

What Goes into Building Maintenance and Why It’s Important

If you have a commercial or business space, then it requires constant upkeep. Businesses, especially those that deal with a large number of customers or clients coming into the building, get dirty very quickly. Failing to maintain the premises can send a negative message to your clients. It can also increase the risk of spreading contagious diseases. Many business owners think that they can handle building maintenance with a DIY approach. However, maintaining an office is its own job. Hiring a professional service means you get faster results and usually the costs are less than what they would be if you were paying an employee to handle maintenance and buying your own cleaning supplies.

Building maintenance can be broken down into a few categories.

Office maintenance means focusing on keeping offices clean. This means emptying wastebaskets, dusting clear surfaces, and vacuuming floors. This is the type of regular cleaning that keeps your office or workplace looking presentable. Depending on your usage patterns and client load, this maintenance may be done anywhere from daily to biweekly.

Bathrooms are another area that needs regular attention.

At home, if you clean your bathroom on a weekly basis, you are unlikely to see any dirt or grime built up. In a commercial building, it is a whole other story. First, the sheer volume of people means that bathrooms require regular upkeep. No one wants to deal with overflowing trash cans or empty toilet paper rolls. Second, some people are just gross in commercial bathrooms. From the people who “hover” in order to avoid the seat, thus sprinkling everywhere, to people who splash water or throw paper towels on the floor, some people treat public bathrooms in a way that they would never treat their own. For most companies, this means that bathrooms should be cleaned at least on a daily basis.

Other maintenance does not have to be done as regularly. For example, you may wax your office floors every few months, while cleaning them every few days. Disinfecting surfaces every week or so can help reduce the spread of disease. Shampooing carpets can remove dirt, dust, and allergens that regular vacuuming leaves behind. Every business has its own maintenance needs. Contact us for a personalized building maintenance plan for your business. We can tell you our suggested maintenance schedule and give you a quote for our services. It is more affordable than you realize.