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Start Your New Year With A Deep Clean

Start Your New Year with a Deep Clean

Have you noticed that your office building looks a little dirtier than normal? It is not just you. After a winter of people tracking in junk and debris, many commercial spaces can get a little dirty. That is true even if you have regular maintenance cleaning. We know about it in homes; that is why “spring cleaning” is so popular. The same things that cause issues in homes impact your business spaces. So, do yourself and your business a favor and start out the new year with a deep cleaning service.

First things first, we have to acknowledge the fact that we are still dealing with the global Covid-19 pandemic. The winter means that more people have been indoors, and the Omicron variant and its new mutations mean that disease is likely to spread. That is on top of the normal seasonal colds and flus that we see in the winter. Getting your space deep cleaned is one way to help get rid of germs on surfaces. By starting with a clean slate, you improve how well your hygiene efforts will work. The result? Fewer sick employees and customers.

Next, think about the emotional impact of a clean space. Sure, you may keep essential surfaces clean and sanitized, but what about your baseboards, cobwebs on the ceiling, and other signs that your space may not be as clean as it should be? While a cleaning service may not need to regularly tackle these tasks, getting a deep clean is a great way to start fresh for the new year.

Getting rid of the clutter may make a good impression on clients, but it also does wonder for workplace morale. While there are some people who are thrive in clutter, the reality is that even most messy people are distracted by clutter and mess. This usually leads to them creating more clutter and more mess. Let Monita clean and organize your office space, and you will probably see a boost in employee productivity.

Another great thing about a professional cleaning service is that we schedule it for when your business is not in use. If you operate a 24/7 business, we can schedule cleaning during slower hours. That means that you can get the cleaning results you want, without interrupting your workflow or disturbing customers. It also means that you are not asking your regular employees to pull double-duty by handling the cleaning in addition to their other tasks.
Ready to start the new year with a deep clean? Contact Monita Janitorial. We can schedule a deep cleaning, regular cleaning service, or customized cleaning for you.