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Janitorial Service In New Jersey

Monita Janitorial Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service

Many business owners think that if they are already paying employees, those employees should handle cleaning.

The thought is that they do not want to pay people to do something that employees can already do.

However, to do cleaning right, it takes time. You can pay employees, who you hired for other activities, to clean or you can hire professionals.

Use your employees and cleaning is going to take longer, be less thorough, and could lead to office resentments. Hiring a professional cleaning service, you get better cleaning services, rapid cleaning results, and avoid office drama.

To us, there are countless reasons for you to hire a professional cleaning service to handle your commercial cleaning. Here are our top five:

  • Save Money. Whether you are cleaning your office yourself or having staff clean your office, it is costing you more than it would to hire a commercial cleaning service. Your staff is not trained to clean and may be distracted by their other work duties. The result? It takes them longer to do the same job. Time is money. Why pay someone for four hours of labor if a professional cleaner can handle the same task in an hour?
  • Better Results. Our cleaners are professionals. All of our janitors have been through training on the right way to clean office spaces. The result is not just an office that looks cleaner, but one that is cleaner.
  • Sanitize Your Space. Now more than ever people are worried about spreading germs. A professional cleaning service targets high-touch surfaces that are likely to spread disease. We also use products designed to disinfect. A cleaner office reduces the risk of disease transmission and can even reduce things like employee sick days.
  • Save Time. If you are handling cleaning in house, then you have to worry about stocking cleaning supplies, from cleaners to brooms, mops, vacuums, dusters, toilet brushes, etc. Someone has to be in charge of making sure that products are in stock and working properly. We bring our cleaning supplies, removing that burden from you. An extra bonus is that you no longer have to worry about storing your cleaning supplies!
  • Improve Employee Morale. When one or more of your employees is responsible for cleaning the office, then they are having to clean up after their coworkers. Coworkers who make a mess, leave trash around, do not clean their food out of the refrigerator, etc. can cause a lot of resentment in employees who are on cleaning duty. Employees who clean can be accused of snooping, throwing out food, or other petty office “crimes.” Avoid the drama and improve employee morale by outsourcing your cleaning services.