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Home And Office Floor Services In NJ

Monita Janitorial Floor Waxing Services

Your floor makes an impression.

While you may focus on things in your sightline, floors are actually one of the things your customers notice most. They are often the largest unbroken surface in your office, retail, or business space. Therefore, they attract attention, even in spaces that are easy to navigate.

A dirty or dingy looking floor gives the impression that your building is dirty. That is true even if the floor has just been cleaned and disinfected. Things that can make a floor look dingy include normal wear and tear, stains, and just a loss of luster.

Fortunately, at Monita Janitorial we provide commercial janitorial solutions for your dirty floors.

Do you have carpets in need of some TLC? We offer carpet cleaning services. These services do more than a standard vacuuming. We target stains and lift dirt from your carpet’s entire surface. We use quick-drying cleaners that are safe for your employees and customers. The result? An overnight facelift for your floor.

Cleaning your carpets does more than remove dirt. It can also help restore your carpet’s original texture. Constant use can depress carpet fibers so that they show wear patterns. While a commercial carpet cleaning cannot make them like-new, it can reinvigorate and plump fibers, helping improve the appearance of your carpet.

Waxing your floor is one way to rapidly improve its appearance. Wax can add luster and shine, making even older floors look fresh and new.

However, the benefits of waxing are not simply cosmetic. Waxed floors are smoother, which can make them easier to clean. The cleaner the floor, the cleaner the rest of the building. Therefore, regularly waxing your floor is one key to keeping your premises clean.

Whether your floors are carpet, wood, vinyl, tile, or some other material, we have the cleaning solutions to make them look great. We can include regular deep cleaning or maintenance, like wax, to a normal cleaning regime, or you can get floor cleaning services as a stand-alone service. For companies that are returning to normal business practices after the COVID-19 pandemic’s forced closures, a great combination is carpet shampooing or waxing combined with one of our surface disinfectant services. The result is a clean, sanitized, sparkling building ready to re-welcome your customers!

Monita Janitorial offers reliable and prompt service with competitive pricing. Contact us today for more information about our services or to schedule a quote.