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Keep Your Office Germ-Free This Cold Season

Keep Your Office Germ-Free This Cold Season

Growing up, did your older relatives tell you that the cold causes colds or the flu? While we now know they were wrong and that viruses, not cold temperatures, are responsible for the spread of colds and flu, they were onto something. It turns out that cold weather does make it more likely for viruses like colds, flu, and even COVID-19 to spread.

Cold weather changes how your body responds to disease. Airborne viruses, which include cold, flu, and COVID-19, enter the body primarily through the mouth and nose. In warmer, more humid times of the year, our nasal passages have a strong defense system against disease. However, in the cold, mucus stays in our nose for longer periods of time, which means that viruses linger longer. It increases our chance of infection.

However, the biggest reason we are more likely to get sick in the winter is that we spend more time indoors. COVID-19 has made us even more aware than we were before that being exposed to the same indoor air as other people greatly increases our risk of disease. Close quarters, recycled air, and dryer air all make it more likely for us to pick up a disease.

So, if you have an office, store, or other business space, what can you do to keep your employees and clients germ-free this cold season? First, encourage safe personal habits. Mask wearing, vaccinations, regular hand washing, and not touching your face are all proven to help slow or reduce the spread of viruses.

Next, keep your business as clean as possible. At Monita Janitorial, an office cleaning company Freehold NJ, we go beyond traditional cleaning services. Clean means removing surface dirt and germs. Clean is better than dirty, but it does not do enough to target surface germs that can lead to the spread of disease.

Choose an office cleaning Freehold New Jersey service like Monita that will disinfect and sanitize your surfaces. At Monita, we use chemical agents, such as bleach and alcohol, to kill germs on high-touch surfaces like light fixtures, phones, keyboards, doorknobs, etc. Regularly disinfecting those surfaces reduces disease transmission, especially if combined with good personal hygiene habits.

Monita Janitorial also offers sanitizing services. We can use fine mists to sanitize an entire office or retail space. When done on a regular basis, we can greatly reduce the likelihood of airborne diseases spreading in your office. Contact us today for more information.