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Keep Your Workplace Clean

How to Keep Your Workplace Clean

While regular janitorial services can get your workplace clean, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your workplace clean between visits. Taking these steps will reduce the look of clutter, make your workplace less inviting for pests, and reduce the risk of workplace disease transmission.

Don’t Eat at Your Desks

We know, no one likes this rule. Workers hate it because it seems unnecessary to them, and bosses hate it because it makes them seem controlling. However, eating at your desks means crumbs and dropped food. Even the neatest eater cannot avoid it. Besides that, eating at the desk means employees are not getting a break. Set up an inviting break area for your employees and encourage them to use it.

Get Rid of Clutter

You also want to get rid of clutter on desks. Tidier workspaces help people focus. However, you do not want to go overboard with this rule and ban all personal items from desktops. Instead, strike a happy medium for your workspace.

Clean the Floor

In most workspaces, your floors will need to be cleaned more frequently than other janitorial services.  This is especially true in high-traffic areas.  You can arrange for nightly floor cleaning or make it part of the closing/opening of your workspace.  Clean floors not only look good, but they also reduce the risk of slip and falls.

Clean the Shared Areas

Washrooms, break rooms, and kitchens are high-traffic shared areas.  That means that they increase the risk of disease transmission.  You want to make sure these areas are cleaned regularly.  Kitchens are especially important because crumbs and dirty dishes can attract pests.  They should be cleaned on a daily basis.

Trash Disposal

Make trash disposal easy for employees and customers.  Place waste bins and recycling bins at accessible locations in your workspace.  Make sure they are emptied regularly.  The mere presence of a waste bin makes it much more likely that waste will end up in the appropriate place instead of on the floor!

Get Professional Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to keep your workspace clean is to get a dedicated cleaning service. Professional cleaning services can handle everything from maintaining a clean office to deep cleaning and sanitizing services, and you can customize those services to what you need.