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Why Hire An Office Cleaning Service

Why Hire an Office Cleaning Service

If you own a small business, you may be wondering whether it is worth it to hire an office cleaning service. With a small enough staff, it can be tempting to assign cleaning duties to your existing employees.

However, not having a dedicated cleaning service can be one of the most expensive ways you can “save” money. That is because customers, clients, and even your suppliers make judgments about your business based on its cleanliness. Hiring a dedicated cleaning service helps you ensure that your business is always in top condition for any visitors.

  1. Cleaning is more work than you think. You may want to just have your employees clean. However, really cleaning your office means sweeping, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing on a regular, sometimes daily, basis. These tasks can quickly add up to hours of extra work.
  2. Employees resent cleaning tasks. When cleaning is outside of an employee’s job description, they may resent cleaning.
  3. Cleaning duties may establish a hierarchy. When employees, usually lower-level employees, are given cleaning tasks, it can reinforce a negative hierarchy in your business. Cleaning up after your peers can create a very awkward relationship. It can also lead to interruptions in the regular workday.
  4. Some employees will shirk their cleaning duties. If you try to divide cleaning duties equally, the odds are good that at least one employee will try to figure out how to get out of their responsibilities. This will only reinforce any existing feelings of reinforcement.
  5. Cleaning professionals will give you a professional clean. You might think that anyone can handle cleaning up an office. However, just like in every other area, there are best practices in cleaning. A cleaning service can efficiently provide a professional level of clean.
  6. Professionals use professional products. Cleaning professionals use professional products and tools, which can result in a faster and more thorough cleaning job.
  7. Cleaning services can provide quarterly deep cleaning. Need your carpets cleaned, windows washed, or other special service? An existing cleaning service can coordinate these extra services as part of your annual cleaning plan.
  8. Cleaning can occur after hours. One of the biggest bonuses of a professional cleaning service is that they can come in after hours, not interrupting clients or employees.

At Monita Janitorial, cleaning is our profession. We hire and train janitors and housekeeping staff to clean in an efficient, fast, thorough and professional manner. We can handle daily janitorial services or schedule less frequent, regular services for your office. Contact us for an estimate.